Justice for Liberty Campaign Raises Funds for Wife of Proud Boy Imprisoned for Self Defense

ZC Kinsman, wife of John Kinsman and their 3 children need your support.

ZC Kinsman, wife of New York chapter of the Proud Boys member John Kinsman – who received a four-year sentence for defending himself in a 17-second fight against members of Antifa last fall – recently launched a campaign online, JusticeforLiberty.com in hopes to gain support since her husband was sentenced.

ZC posted the following YouTube video holding the Kinsman’s youngest daughter Liberty on her lap, and describing what happened the night Kinsman and others defended themselves against Antifa’s attack. ZC also explains how the media would not photograph her or film her in court supporting her husband because that would ruin the media’s narrative that Proud Boys were Nazis, since she is a person of color.

John Kinsman and Maxwell Hare were one of 10 Proud Boys who were charged in connection with the October 2018 assault that occurred after an event at the Metropolitan Republican Club on Manhattan’s Upper East Side that featured Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. (Video below of assault) The other 8 Proud Boys members who were charged that night have taken plea deals between 5 days of community service to upwards of 10 months in jail, while Hare and Kinsman were sentenced to four years of hard time.

Zero victims came forward in court, as none of the 6 Antifa aggressors who attacked the Proud Boys that night were willing to be identified, nor would they work directly with police on the investigation. The case was taken over by the state and prosecuted without ever bringing up crucial details from that night like the urine thrown by Antifa members onto those of the Proud Boys.

In August 2019, a jury in the New York Supreme Court found John Kinsman and Maxwell Hare guilty of rioting, attempted gang assault, and attempted assault.

Founder of the Proud Boys Gavin McInnes responded directly after the verdict in a video addressing the injustice of the court system:

JusticeforLiberty.com states:

“Liberty’s father John Kinsman and his friend Max Hare are doing four years in prison for fighting antifa. The charges are long and include rarely heard convictions such as “attempted gang assault.” David Kuriakose is about to go on trial. We believe his trial was separated from Max and John’s because he is brown and that hurts the “white supremacist” narrative. We also believe the courts and the media hid the fact that John’s family is black because that too hurts their story. None of these men are Nazis. They are Trump supporters and that is their crime.

Cuomo, De Blasio, the Attorney General, the media, and of course, antifa, painted this consensual conflict as a hate gang roaming the streets looking for victims. This is a lie that was pushed to make the DNC look less violent right before the midterms. As the NYPD press conference clearly states, these men were ambushed by antifa who had been attacking people all evening. They threw a glass bottle of urine at John’s friends. Yes, Max rushed at them and demasked them. Yes, John kicked one of them on the ground. This level of conflict almost never makes it to court. We’re told both the prisoners and the correction officers who meet Max, and John are completely stunned when they hear the story. They’re even more shocked when John’s black wife and kids come to visit.”

Culttture spoke with Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio who called out Governor Cuomo for his actions against those defending themselves the night of the attack, and asked for support for the Kinsman family.

“Removing conservatives off social media is only the tip of the iceberg. Debanking and taking away financial platforms was the next step for corporate communists. But what happened to Max, John and the rest of the NYC9 is beyond inhumane and disgusting. These men were stalked, harassed and violently attacked on their way out of a comedy show. What did the government of one of America’s most leftist city do to them for defending themselves? Put them in a cage. These families do not deserve this. Citizens with the right to self preservation don’t deserve this. This fund will insure that these families are assisted through these difficult times.

As for Governor Fredo and his band of authoritarians?…The Proud Boys won’t be silenced and will not let this injustice go unchecked.”

The court system continues to protect domestic terrorist groups like Antifa, while those attacked by the violent weapon-wielding, piss throwing group of masked thugs are thrown in prison for years.

The official website for Proud Boys USA released the following statement upon the member’s convictions: “Max and John are good men that have been railroaded by a witch hunt led by the governor, mayor and attorney general of New York. These men were attacked by masked terrorists while leaving a private event and used non lethal force to defend themselves. Their actions were completely justified. What has taken place is a disgrace. We stand by our brothers Max and John 100%.” 

Kinsman’s children will only know their father through visits to the prison, with both John and Max recently been moved even farther away from their families.

“They just moved Max and John to the Canadian border which will make it very expensive for their families to visit. We need your help to pay for all this. Please donate anything you can. These men are political prisoners and their only real crime here is supporting the president.”

The website is accepting any and all donations to help with the loss of income after Kinsman’s arrest.

Liberty Kinsman, John and ZC’s youngest child

Visit Justiceforliberty.com to donate to the family of John Kinsman here.

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