Michael Malice Blasts Corporate Media Reporter for Failing to Understand China’s Coronavirus

Michael Malice calls out corporate journalists for confusion over COVID-19 handshake scare in Silicon Valley.

“It is no surprise that a corporate journalist is confused about handshakes, a worldwide symbol of honor and trust. #handshakefake By all means read the full article here: http://archive.is/EPGK6,” Michael Malice posted to Twitter on Saturday.

The original article Malice was commenting on was from February 13th by Shirin Ghaffary for Recode (which is owned by Vox) titled “‘No handshakes, please’: The tech industry is terrified of the coronavirus”. Malice also went the extra step and archived the article on archive.today.

Previously having worked for BuzzFeed News and Elementum, Ghaffary states in her bio for Vox that her “posts have total editorial independence” from any investors, accepting all responsibility for her published work for the site.

The “corporate reporter” Malice was addressing was Kara Swisher, who’s full response was, ” But just FYI, the article is not about handshakes except to note a sign at one of the most powerful VC firms in Silicon Valley that is indeed also a sign of much needed worry. That’s called reporting. But Twitter handwave and foot stomp all you want about including it.”

It appears, from looking through Swisher’s timeline on Twitter, the co-founder of Recode spent most of her Saturday defending Ghaffary’s article and arguing with those who called the article “little more than clickbait”.

Founder of mixpanel.com, Suhail Doshi implemented a poll in one tweet asking followers if they felt the Recode headline could be considered clickbait, with 53.3% of respondents agreeing the headline was misleading.

Swisher responded by defending the headline and stressing that she was no longer involved in editing on Recode. “Perhaps but a poll on Twitter is not the way I decide how to do headlines. FYI I was not involved in editing this piece since I don’t edit the website anymore, but it is a perfectly fine choice given the AH sign. It’s a jumping off point and it’s fine,” Swisher replied.

The article itself is covering a sign that Andreessen Horowitz, “investor in the likes of Facebook, Airbnb, and Slack” placed on their capital firm door in Silicon Valley that read: “Due to the Coronavirus, no Handshakes please. Thank you,” in what Ghaffary states was precautionary measures taken by the firm to “protect themselves from the coronavirus disease.”

Silicon Valley techies wearing P95 and P100 masks was also brought up in the Recode article where Ghaffary said the “Silicon Valley elites” have been preparing for this moment for years, along with other global pandemics.

The article states: “The virus can also be transmitted by hand-to-hand contact (like a handshake), but that’s a secondary method of transmission, according to Dr. Stanley Deresinski, an infectious disease physician at Stanford Health Care,” with Derensinki telling Recode “The chances are astonishingly low that you would come into contact in a coronavirus infection but acknowledged that there’s “always a risk.”

The truth of the matter is, the Coronavirus is most often spread person-to-person mainly through “respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes, similar to how influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread,” according to the CDC. Hand to hand contact shouldn’t be an issue here in the U.S. since the disease is not being spread through the country. Avoiding handshakes (especially with hands that are washed regularly) here in the U.S. is overkill.

The CDC stresses there is no current vaccine available to prevent the disease now known as COVID-19, and that of the areas currently experiencing an outbreak, proper precautions can be taken to avoid falling victim to the virus.

No Recode/Vox article would be complete without seasoning it with a little xenophobia somewhere, so Ghaffary is sure to cap the article off with how the Coronavirus is creating targeted xenophobia toward Asian immigrants and Asian Americans.

If you’re interested in a real-time count of Coronavirus cases across the world, check out this livestream on YouTube with data being gathered from several sites:

In a separate thread, Malice touched on how the Coronavirus outbreak would ultimately be blamed on President Trump for underfunding the CDC if the epidemic reaches the states with any concerning volume, promising to update the thread in the future, if this indeed becomes a reality.

Malice has spoken at length about the biased corporate media manipulating the truth:

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