Mike Cernovich’s Documentary Hoaxed Climbs to Top 20 All Time on iTunes

After Amazon banned Hoaxed from its platform, the documentary reached the top 20 in all-time documentary sales on iTunes.

Hoaxed, the hard hitting documentary on corporate media produced by journalist Mike Cernovich, has reached the top 20 in all time sales on iTunes after it was banned on Amazon last week.

The film is critical of many corporate media outlets, including the Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

While Hoaxed was already selling well enough that Amazon’s algorithm was recommending it for purchase, the Amazon ban has stirred the public and spurred many to watch it.

Just two days ago, Hoaxed director Jon du Toit was thanking viewers for pushing the film in the top 50 on iTunes.

Hoaxed was also charting in the top 100 of all films on iTunes at that time.

New viewers of the documentary are starting to see the film’s themes reoccur in the news.

Cernovich thanked his new viewers and told them about Blood Money, the documentary he produced after Hoaxed.

After Amazon declined to comment on why it banned Hoaxed, Donald Trump Jr. pointed out that Amazon allows pro-pedophile content.

Cernovich wondered, “if the anti-war segments of Hoaxed triggered the censors. Amazon has contracts with the CIA.”

YouTube star Mark Dice believes Amazon doesn’t want it’s customers finding Hoaxed after CNN recently released a similarly-themed documentary.

Amazon pulled the documentary from the accounts of customers that had already paid for it, and may face lawsuits.

And finally, Cernovich had a message for “conservatives” that remained silent after Amazon banned Hoaxed.

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Andrew Meyer