FLASHBACK: MAGA Celebrates Covington’s Historic Victory Against CNN

Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann won a settlement against CNN earlier this year and MAGA stars celebrated the victory.

Corporate news outlet CNN began 2020 by settling a lawsuit brought against it for lies and smears it spread about Covington Catholic high school student Nick Sandmann.

Earlier today, journalist Mike Cernovich remarked earlier that, “Leftist media bros still have no idea how much Covingtongate damaged them. That was a mass incitement against teenagers, completely fake news, and there was no apology. I’ve heard from many that it was a gamechanger as to how tech companies see the media.”

Here is a look back the reactions to last month’s news of CNN’s settlement.

Culttture publisher Ali Alexander congratulated his friends and Sandmann’s attorney Lin Wood. Alexander previously received a call from many of the Covington students after he stood up for them and helped organize their defense.

CJ Pearson also spoke about his time helping the Covington students, writing “One of the most rewarding parts of 2019 was assisting the Covington kids, their families, and their legal counsel by ensuring that every defamatory thing said about them was logged and recorded. Every tweet, every clip, every excerpt, etc. Today, @N1ckSandmann received justice.”

OAN host Jack Posobiec pointed out, “Some conservatives went along with the media’s information warfare attack on Nick Sandmann as well so they would not be targeted themselves. Stand your ground, conservatives!”

Carpe Donktum dropped a video meme of the Covington students standing their ground set to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe pointed out how the corporate media calls his organization ‘discredited’ but CNN settled a defamation lawsuit with Sandmann.

Cernovich wrote, “Today’s settlement was an 8 figure blow to CNN’s brand. Nick Sandmann will be brought up every time CNN attacks someone. Devastating would understate the impact. It’s Richard Jewell 2.0.”

Hoaxed director Jon du Toit wrote, “A high schooler just spanked CNN. 2020 energy!”

Rob Dew of Infowars wrote, “Can’t wait to see more settlements.”

Tucker Carlson played a clip on his show of CNN’s Don Lemon blaming the MAGA hat for triggering “marginalized people.”

Sandmann’s announcement of the settlement was retweeted over 14,000 times.

Todd McMurtry, an attorney that also represented Sandmann, thanked supporters for the good wishes, and later announced he is running for Congress.

Attorney Robert Barnes announced he was suing former CNN host Reza Aslan on behalf of other Covington students for describing Sandmann’s face as “punchable.”

Less than a month after the settlement, President Trump spoke at the March for Life and thanked Nick Sandmann for his praise of the president’s speech.

And finally, we leave you with this meme.

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Andrew Meyer