NPR Demands Cassandra Fairbanks’s Conversations with Julian Assange

National Public Radio also demanded Fairbanks's correspondence with Fox News and Seth Rich, among others.

In 2018, National Public Radio (NPR), the publicly funded radio organization, was forced to retract a false claim that Donald Trump Jr. lied to the Senate about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow,

Now, NPR is now demanding journalist Cassandra Fairbanks give them records of her conversations with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. NPR has published salacious allegations that WikiLeaks is “a mouthpiece of the Russian government.”

In a subpoena, NPR also demanded Fairbanks’s conversations with dozens of people, including deceased DNC staffer Seth Rich, long-rumored to be the leaker who passed Democrat emails to Assange. NPR is currently being sued for libel over claims it made regarding Ed Butowski and Rich’s murder.

Fairbanks is a well known supporter of Assange, and is already declaring she will not hand over her conversations with Assange.

“NPR lawyers are on 90 different drugs if they think I would ever give up a single sentence of a convo I’ve had with him,” wrote Fairbanks.

The bipartisan backlash against NPR’s demand for a journalist’s private conversations with a source started immediately, with OAN host Jack Posobiec among those calling for the defunding of NPR.

“Whatever you think of Cassandra, this is an outrageous affront to the free press by a taxpayer-funded news organization,” wrote left-wing journalist Alex Rubinstein. “Insane.”

As for Assange, he was recently moved out of solitary confinement after fellow inmates revolted against his mistreatment.

Paul Joseph Watson recently asked where the protests were on behalf of Assange.

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Andrew Meyer