Owen Shroyer Talks With Alex Jones After His Release From Jail

Shroyer was arrested in Washington, D.C. for silently protesting against the attempt to remove President Donald Trump.

Last week, Owen Shroyer was in Washington, D.C. covering the annual anti-Trump “Women’s March.” Shroyer entered the Capitol Building – where anti-Trump protesters had earlier staged a silent demonstration – to do his own silent protest.

Shroyer was threatened by security immediately upon entering the building.

Shroyer stood silently, and was then arrested for his silent demonstration.

Shroyer was taken to jail for his peaceful protest, the exact same sort of protest which had been allowed by DC police a day earlier when the message was for impeaching President Trump.

Democrats had reportedly attempted to ban Shroyer from the Capitol in a hearing a day earlier because he dared to question impeachment-hungry Congressman Jerrold Nadler.

Constitutional law scholar and attorney Mike Cernovich tweeted, “Selective enforcement of the law is a free speech violation. I hope @allidoisowen sues.”

While Shroyer was in jail, his War Room producer Savanah Hernandez and Ashley StClair were among his supporters at a meet-up in support of his First Amendment rights.

Shroyer was released the next day, and the charges were dropped.

Speaking with Infowars founder Alex Jones, Shroyer said when he was arrested the officers told him they support Infowars and Shroyer’s content, but they were ordered to arrest Shroyer.

The booking officer listed the “victim” of Shroyer’s “crime” as “society.”

Jones spoke out against the arrest of Shroyer, saying “I’ve never seen such a clear illustration of discrimination and oppression of pro-America, pro-Trump people.”

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