Poso on the Move: Seen At Trump Rally, March for Life, Virginia Pro-Gun Rally

OAN host Jack Posobiec was spotted covering the Virginia pro-Second Amendment rally, the March for Life, and the President's rally in Wildwood, NJ.

Several massive rallies have been held on the East Coast over the last couple weeks, and OAN host Jack Posobiec was spotted in the middle of them.

At the March for Life last week where President Trump spoke and drew attention to over 100,000 reported pro-life attendees, Posobiec was caught on camera by Ashley StClair and Infowars host Harrison Smith.

Earlier in the week, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver interviewed Posobiec at the Richmond, Virginia rally in support of the Second Amendment.

“I’ve never really seen anything like this,” said Posobiec. “This is bigger than the Tea Party and you may not like it, but I think this is actually bigger than some of the Trump rallies I’ve seen too because this actually goes beyond politics. This is American culture.”

On Monday, Posobiec reported on 1,000 Trump supporters that camped out ahead of the President’s rally in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Posobiec’s tweets were shared by President Trump.

Asked about the energy of the different events, Posobiec told Culttture, “Each had their own unique vibe. Richmond was culture/history. March for Life was familial/spiritual, Wildwood was pure 50s Americana. What they all shared was high energy and a sense of real community.”

Posobiec also recently spoke on a panel with Ann Coulter and Breitbart reporter Brandon Darby about the immigration crisis.

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Andrew Meyer