Red Pilled America’s New Book Is A Blueprint for How to Build the New Hollywood

The new book Awakenings tells the type of powerful stories that have influenced humanity more than anything else.

Conservatives always talk about building the New Hollywood.

Red Pilled America hosts Patrick Courrielche and Adryana Cortez are actually doing it.

In their new book, Awakenings: Moments of Truth From Middle America, stories from their acclaimed podcast are combined with brand new material to create a powerful book of stories that alerts readers to undeniable truths about the new realities of American life.

From the vicious attacks on his business suffered by a black American hot dog vendor for daring to attend a Trump rally, to Courrielche’s own personal fight with a ruthless Fortune 10 company, the book reveals untold facts of modern America. The chapters in Awakenings follow the real stories of bold individuals, and through their personal tales, reveal the variety of harms inflicted on the nation, whether by the corporate elite, or by the viciousness of the left.

In publishing this book, Courrielche and Cortez have provided the kind of material that often serves as the basis for the art form that influences Americans more than anything else – film and television productions.

In an essay on how to level up in the culture war, Hoaxed director Jon du Toit wrote of the importance of right-of-center artists creating art that stands on its own and creates culture, rather than being consumed with expending energy daily on countering narratives created by the left.

Awakenings not only stands on its own, the stories it tells – stories which impart wisdom, faith, and knowledge – can easily be adapted to television and film productions.

On a recent podcast reviewing Ryan Holiday‘s book Conspiracy, filmmaker Mike Cernovich discussed the need to create content built to last. The stories in Awakenings are like many American classics, focused on protagonists and following them through a hero’s journey. These are the types of stories best suited to lend themselves to the silver screen, and become the next Seabiscuit or Moneyball.

Many have theorized or discussed the way to build the new Hollywood, but as Culttture publisher Ali Alexander said recently of the way to solve problems, the answer isn’t asking, ‘How do we fix this?’ The answer is to go and fix the problem.

By publishing Awakenings, an exhilarating read perfect for on-screen adaptation, Courrielche and Cortez are building the new Hollywood.

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Andrew Meyer