Roger Stone’s Attorneys Motion for New Trial After Mike Cernovich’s Bombshell

Cernovich's journalism revealing Stone's jury was led by a biased leftist was shared by Donald Trump Jr. and widely cited as helping Stone.

Roger Stone‘s attorneys have motioned for a new trial after journalist Mike Cernovich discovered that the jury forewoman lied during jury selection about having no bias against Stone.

Attorney Robert Barnes credits Cernovich’s discovery as the basis for Stone’s lawyers’s motion for a new trial.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley also cited the information found by Cernovich as a legal basis for the judge in Stone’s case to grant the motion for a new trial.

Todd Starnes, Cassandra Fairbanks, and Adam Townsend were among the many to congratulate Cernovich on doing the journalism that corporate media failed to.

Donald Trump Jr. also shared Cernovich’s discovery.

“Would it be a fair trial If a white supremacist were on a jury in a case involving a black defendant?” asked Cernovich. “No, and case law on the matter is clear.”

“This is completely changing the public’s coverage and the public’s understanding of the Roger Stone case,” said Cernovich.

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OAN host Jack Posobiec joined with Cernovich in taking action against and getting the word out about the biased juror in Stone’s case.

Cernovich has also noted the difference in the treatment of Trump supporters like Roger Stone and General Flynn and FBI agents like Andy McCabe that committed crimes while working against President Trump and faced no criminal charges.

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Andrew Meyer