MAGA Ladies Ashley St.Clair, Courtney Holland, and Julia Song to Co-Host Cernovich Cigar Night in Las Vegas

Some of the most beautiful and talented ladies in the MAGA movement will be featured as co-hosts at the highly-successful Cigar Night in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It has just been announced that some of the most beautiful and outspoken women in the conservative movement will be co-hosting an upcoming Cigar Night in Las Vegas April 25th, 2020.

Ashley St. Clair, who was recently spotted at a Trump rally with Jack and Tanya Tay Posobiec in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will join Courtney Holland and Julia Song at the much anticipated event, that is known to sell out quickly.

Political activist and co-founder of MAGA Meetup: Las Vegas Courtney Holland tweeted the announcement earlier Wednesday.

“Come meet me, @stclairashley, & @realjuliasong on 4/25 in Vegas! In collaboration with @Cernovich, we’re excited to announce that we will be hosting a Cigar Night at a luxury, Las Vegas penthouse. These events sell out quickly! Get your tickets here:”

From left to right: St. Clair, Song, and Holland

Culttture spoke with Holland who added, “We are super excited to collaborate with Mike Cernovich on this event and we think this will be a great networking opportunity for those who attend.”

Cigar Nights co-founder Mike Cernovich polled his Instagram audience to gauge participation Tuesday, asking if they would attend the Las Vegas event with St. Clair, Song, and Holland hosting. 73% of those polled said “Yes.”

When asked for comment on the April event Julia Song, a conservative from Brazil who has been featured on OANN, Rebel Media, and uses her platform to raise awareness on how America can avoid becoming a Socialist nation, told Culttture, “Cigar, friends and drinks in Vegas. There’s nothing better than that. Cernovich and Bolen were incredibly on point with coming out with this great idea and I’m counting the days to be a part of it.”

The Las Vegas event will feature these lovely MAGA ladies in collaboration with author, journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich, YouTube mega-content creator Nestor “The Mechanic” Mendoza and multi-millionaire real estate investor Mike Bolen.

Mendoza described Cigar Night attendees as an amalgamation of individuals from all walks of life. “We host serial entrepreneurs, startup founders, real estate investors, political figures, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, students, and moms and dads.”

“It’s a welcoming vibe where everyone is very happy to hear your story and share theirs,” Mendoza added.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to relax, network, and meet some really amazing people! Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite which described details of the meetup in a recent posting:

“General Admission tickets include 9:00 pm penthouse entry, ultra premium cigar, wine & Spirits and small bites and of course a party and networking into the wee hours. VIP tickets include 5:45 pm penthouse entry, pre-drink with other VIP’s and Julia, Courtney & Ashley, outlandish steakhouse and wine dinner.”

Learn more here:

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