Influential Trump Admin Online Allies Take on China

Allies of President Trump have urged the administration to take action against deadly Chinese fentanyl and the outbreak of coronavirus.

Influential allies of President Trump‘s administration have been taking on threats America faces from China.

On Wednesday, Scott Adams expressed outrage that six men charged with crimes for distributing deadly Chinese fentanyl were released without bail.

“Expect the government to be no help with Fentanyl in this country. Let’s put the dealers’ faces on a website and handle it via social means,” wrote Adams.

Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a controversial ‘no-bail’ law that has allowed men charged with deadly crimes to walk free with no bail.

Adams also urged with the Trump administration to halt flights from China in light of the news of China’s coronavirus outbreak.

Culttture publisher Ali Alexander stated, “Impeachment Hoax is preventing from us acting as a people on the #coronavirus which I explained was much worse than reported when it was just 180 people ‘affected’ (which was a total lie from the start).”

“You don’t build 3 new hospitals for 1000 sick people (when only 180 were declared sick). Do the math, people,” wrote Alexander.

OAN host Jack Posobiec stated that the World Health Organization, which today declared an international emergency over coronavirus, “would have done this weeks ago if it were any other country.”

Author Mike Cernovich asked President Trump on Twitter when he would place a travel ban on China. Cernovich also polled Trump’s followers on whether the U.S. should “ban travel to and from China until we have figured out what’s happening with #coronoavirus?”

Over 63 percent of respondents answered “Yes.”

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Chris Gregory