Tulsi Gabbard Adopts Andrew Yang’s UBI Proposal in Play for Yang Gang Voters

With Yang out of the race for president, Gabbard is hoping to win over his voters by campaigning for universal basic income.

Former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang captured the imagination of many young voters with his campaign to institute a Universal Basic Income (UBI) of $1000 a month for all Americans.

Yang dropped out of the race for president following the New Hampshire primary.

Now, fellow Democrat candidate Tulsi Gabbard is promising to “carry this torch of Universal Basic Income that will re-invigorate our middle class and those struggling just to make ends meet.”

Gabbard explicitly made a play for “YangGang” voters, many of whom reported to pollsters that their votes would not necessarily transfer to other Democrats.

“To our many #YangGang friends, I hope that you will join our campaign to invest in the American people, instead of regime change wars, military adventurism and a new cold war and nuclear arms race. #StandwithTulsi” wrote Gabbard.

Notable left-wing political analyst @Mookjuice said of Gabbard’s play for Yang’s supporters, “It only makes sense that Yang & his supporters would move to Tulsi who shares the same goals & spirit.”

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Andrew Meyer