Twitter Suspends British Conservative Katie Hopkins the Day Before Brexit Day

Popular pro-Brexit commentator Katie Hopkins was suspended by Twitter a day before the United Kingdom officially leaves the EU.

On Friday, the United Kingdom is officially leaving the European Union in keeping with the infamous 2016 Brexit vote.

On Thursday, Twitter suspended popular pro-Brexit commentator Katie Hopkins and removed all of her tweets.

“I was wondering how Twitter would avenge Brexit. Now I know,” wrote Australian journalist Avi Yemini. “Silencing Katie Hopkins. More will follow.”

Hopkins was suspended after BBC Channel 4 presenter Rachel Riley met with Twitter employees.

While leftists celebrated the suspension of Hopkins, many on Twitter noted the disparity in the treatment of Hopkins with notable purveyors of radical hate and actual terrorists.

Twitter hasn’t stated a specific reason for suspending Hopkins, but made a unspecified claim that she made harmful comments related to race, religion, nationality and gender identity.

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Andrew Meyer