Washington Examiner Editor Fired After Calling Employee ‘Ms F**king T*ts and A**’

Harnden also called another female Examiner employee a "stupid b*tch" and a "fat f**king waste of food."

On Monday, Washington Examiner managing editor Toby Harnden was fired after calling a female writer “Miss f**king t*ts and a**,” among other reported comments.

Harnden also called another female employee a “stupid b*tch” and a “fat f**king waste of food.”

On Twitter, speculation as to who Harden insulted has already begun, with one commenter asking Harnden if he was referring to Washington Examiner reporter Tiana Lowe. Lowe has made headlines following accusations of plagiarism.

In late January, another fired Examiner employee, former Examiner breaking news editor Jon Nicosia, sent screenshots of text messages and secret audio recordings in which Harnden allegedly made sexist and homophobic remarks about staffers to leaders at the Examiner. The text messages and audio recordings were obtained by CNN Business.

In a text message to Nicosia, Harnden called one female employee a “F**king sour, stupid b*tch,” and said, “F**k her. If she hasn’t quit within a week, I will tell Hugo she needs to be canned. No, [the employee’s name] you fat f**king waste of food, some people heave pride in their work and want their organization to improve. Others are lazy, useless whiners who just leech off the people who do work hard.”

Another Examiner employee alledged that Harnden called gay men “p***ies who victimized themselves.”

Harnden also reportedly discussed the sex lives of management and told the salaries of senior staff to Nicosia.

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Andrew Meyer