News Outlet Zero Hedge Suspended From Twitter, Evoking Bipartisan Outrage

Independent news outlet Zero Hedge was suspended by Twitter, prompting outrage across the political spectrum.

Zero Hedge, a major independent news outlet has been suspended from Twitter following reporting on the Coronavirus epidemic.

Journalists and political analysts ranging from liberals to conservatives are expressing outrage at the suspension.

Cassandra Fairbanks wrote, “What the f*ck Zero Hedge has been suspended on here.”

Culttture publisher Ali Alexander wrote, “I rely on @zerohedge for market and international data points I cannot get from any other outlet. I’m contacting their team to find out what happened.#FreeZeroHedge.”

Liberal political analyst Michael Krieger wrote, “Whoa. Zerohedge suspended from Twitter.#FreeTyler

Conservative political commentator Michelle Malkin wrote, “Holy crap. @zerohedge banned from Twitter? How long will the Situation Be Monitored passively? #WhoIsNext This is why I’m using Telegram more.”

CJ Pearson decried the move by the Silicon Valley giant as “shameful, flagrant censorship.”

Journalist Mike Cernovich and Old Row founder Swig were also among the notable accounts to remark upon the stunning censorship of Zero Hedge.

Yesterday, Culttture reported on the suspension of British conservative Katie Hopkins the day before Brexit Day. Left wing podcaster Nick Mullen was also recently suspended from Twitter.

Sources tell Culttture that the independent media outlet is working to appeal the suspension.

Twitter “Trust and Safety Lead” Vijaya Gadde issued a statement announcing policy updates surrounding Coronavirus information.

UPDATE 8:05p EST: ZeroHedge has issued a statement responding to their suspension.

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Andrew Meyer