Investigate Ilhan Omar Fund

Calling all Patriots:

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been making headlines recently with her virulent anti-semitism. The Muslim Somali immigrant– who has publicly called on Allah to awaken the eyes of people Jews have hypnotized, to disguise their “evil doings”– is leading the charge to promote anti-semitic sentiment which is quickly percolating throughout left-wing circles.

Now, there are credible reports that Congresswoman Omar may have migrated to the United States improperly. Specifically, there are allegations that she married her brother in order to attain legal migration status, and potentially never ended the marriage despite taking a new husband once in America.

We need to raise $25,000 to send a team to Minnesota and Washington D.C. to source out this story and report any criminal findings to the U.S. Federal Government and ICE. Will you chip in today?

Ilhan has also expressed support for the legality of female genital mutilation, and claimed ISIS fighters choose violence “to combat direct marginalization” in her plea to a federal judge for leniency to nine men who attempted to join the radical Islamist militancy. If Representative Omar is guilty of immigration fraud and polygamy, her status as a U.S. Congresswoman will be called into question and her background subjected to more acute scrutiny. This is why we need your help.

Our investigation may get her tossed from the U.S. House Foreign Relations Committee and expelled from the House.

Laura Loomer, Ali Alexander, Jacob Wohl and their teams must go to Minneapolis and Washington D.C. to conduct a meticulous investigation into Ilhan Omar in order to ascertain the truth of the allegations against her. The Democratic Media Complex won’t!

We cannot sit idly by as left-wing extremists work to gradually erode America and bring anti-semitism into the mainstream. Ali and his team will require the necessary security, supplies, recording equipment and other utilities to fully investigate Omar, whose ability to conceal her hatred of Jews is getting weaker every day. Recall that Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter simply for being the first person to expose the blatant anti-Jew hatred of ‘Jihad Omar.’

In order to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation, Ali, Laura, and Jacob need to be properly supplemented. Patriots and lovers of freedom, we need your help to fund the effort to bring Ilhan Omar’s radical background to light. Omar cannot be afforded continuation of her hatred without due diligence being pursued.

We need your help today. We have just 72 hours to raise $25,000 necessary to run an investigation and in a secure way that protect the lives of Jacob, Laura and Ali.

This is the team to do it. Laura is great investigative reporter, Ali has connections all throughout Congress and runs teams efficiently (recall #StopTheSteal Florida) and Jacob is a business and political intelligence operative making headlines by sleuthing his way to the truth.

Let’s send Laura, Ali and Jacob (and a security team) to Minneapolis and D.C. Be part of this fund and receive exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes footage before anyone else!