Acculturate - February 10, 2019 - Episode 2 - Culttture

Lev and Jules discuss Gavin McInnes suing the Southern Poverty Law Center, and how the label of hateful and fascist has shifted over time to encompass ideas that have nothing to do with those labels.

  • Jules Hamilton and Lev Polakov discuss Gavin McInnes’ lawsuit against the SPLC
  • How the definition of “Fascist” has shifted over time
  • How conspicuous it is that SPLC only focuses on right-wing extremism, while ignoring the many clear hate groups on the left

It’s our second installment of Culttture’s free-wheeling tour de force Acculturate with Jules Hamilton and Lev Polakov. We found them at the famed National Arts Club in Manhattan.

Watch them deftly analyze Gavin vs. SPLC, the current state of blacklisting in the United States and the dangers of government supremacy.

Listen carefully, you don’t want to miss this!

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Michael Clark