Ali Alexander Goes Viral Exposing Kamala Harris’s Lie and Slave Owner Ancestry

Alexander exposed Harris's fraudulent claims to the history of black Americans and being victim to segregation.

During the second night of the first 2019 Democrat debate, Kamala Harris attacked Joe Biden while claiming she was a victim of segregation in America.

Prominent conservative Ali Alexander exposed Harris’s misleading and false claims on Twitter.

“Her family does not descend from American slaves,” Alexander wrote. “Not even post-slavery blacks. She’s Jamaican and Indian. Berkeley bussed as an experiment. BUSD was never segregated.”

Alexander further amplified the truth that Harris’s Jamaican father has admitted his family descends from slave owners.

“She is no daughter of Black American slavery, the Civil War or even Jim Crow,” Alexander wrote. “She is a first generation American running a con on Black voters.”

In a lengthy Periscope, Alexander delivered a full dissertation of explaining the history of American blacks and the fraud of Harris that informs his comments.

As a California prosecutor, Harris frequently behaved in ways that many have compared to her slave owning ancestors.

Human Events editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam also took issue with Harris’s actions.

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Andrew Meyer