Facebook and Instagram Administer Mass Ban Of Non-Establishment Figures

More Big Tech censorship ensues as social media giants ban many prominent voices.

  • Today both Facebook and Instagram silenced many online voices with no notice.
  • Both social media giants claim all those they banned ‘violated their Terms of Service’.
  • In fact, none of the banned figures had violated either platform’s terms of service.

Those banned from Facebook and Instagram are: Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, InfoWars, Milo Yiannopoulos, Louis Farrakhan, Paul Joseph Watson, Paul Nehlen and Louis Farrakahn. The ban comes on the heels of Laura Loomer protesting Tech censorship at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s residence in San Fransisco.

President Trump and the White House has been vocal about the censoring of Conservatives and non-establishment voices, and even recently met with Jack Dorsey himself to discuss censorship and shadowbanning. However, the president and his team are yet to pursue any official action to stop the silencing practices. Many people are now asking the question: “Am I next?

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Chris Gregory