Jordan Peterson and Anthony Scaramucci’s Full Interviews For Film ‘Hoaxed’ Released

The complete interviews with Jordan Peterson and Anthony Scaramucci were published unedited.

The full unedited interviews with Jordan Peterson and Anthony Scaramucci from the documentary Hoaxed were released on Saturday.

Both men had provocative thoughts on media bias that didn’t make the film’s final cut.

“Young people are turning in droves to these alternative media sources and I think the reason for that is they are not getting an unbiased simplification from the media,” said Dr. Peterson.

Speaking on false reporting in the media, Peterson said “falsehoods have consequences. That’s what makes them false and you can not believe that if you want, you can even get away with it for some time but you aren’t going to get away with it for very long. People don’t trust editing anymore because they don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.”

“They got me on three curse words and characterized me like I was gym tan laundry from the Jersey Shore, ” said former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. “All fine, I can take it I’m a big boy and their not going to win because I know how to fight back, but people that don’t know how to fight back get demolished and they get put into the corner with their dunce cap.”

Speaking about Hoaxed’s producer Mike Cernovich, Scaramucci said “They’ve tried to take like Mike Cernovich as an example and build him a shame box and stick him in the corner and he’s a guy that fights his way out of a box like that and that’s me. That’s why these guys are going to lose because they have never seen guys like me and Mike Cernovich in the new media space that can fight back and have the verbal dexterity and also the intellectual data to push back on these bozos.”

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Yvonne Burton