Texas State University Student Government Votes to Ban Turning Point USA Campus Chapter

The vote comes after complaints that TPUSA uses their placement on campus to harass, intimidate, and threaten students and faculty.

  • Texas State University advocates for free markets and free speech but voted on a resolution Monday night to ban conservative nonprofit organization Turning Point USA’s campus chapter.
  • Despite the resolution passing, the university put out a statement saying it would not effect TPUSA’s standing on campus.
  • Students were caught on video trying to intimidate and threaten TPUSA members as they left the building after the meeting.
  • The 9-8 vote from Texas State’s Student Government comes just weeks after President Trump signed an executive order promoting free speech on American campuses.

Texas State University Student Government passed a resolution Monday night titled The Faculty and Student Safety Resolution of 2019 that “immediately removes and bars Turning Point USA from Texas State University and and suggests protecting minority and marginalized populations from their negative campus influence.” They believe TPUSA has a history of creating hostile work and learning environments.

Despite passage of the resolution, the university put out a statement saying the resolution would have no effect on TPUSA and that student government does not have the authority to bar a recognized student organization.

Members of the Texas State chapter of the national conservative organization say the resolution is a violation of their free speech, and an attempt to censor conservative voices. TPUSA was founded by political activist Charlie Kirk in 2012, who tweeted, “the intolerant left can’t tolerate the idea there are other ideas…”

Some students from Texas State claimed the intention of this ban was not to infringe on anyone’s freedom of speech, but to protect it.

After leaving the student government meeting, members of TPUSA were confronted by other students trying to threaten and intimidate them.

Even George P. Bush, Texas Land Commissioner and nephew to George W. Bush, chimed in and tweeted that it was a blatant disregard of free speech for them to attempt to silence TPUSA.

When given the opportunity to voice their concerns during the meeting, TPUSA chapter president Stormi Rodrigeuz said “I will stand up for my officers, I will stand up for my members, and I will stand up for all of the conservatives on this campus.”

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Yvonne Burton