Tim Pool Discusses Bias With Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

The official reasons for the bannings of Milo, Alex Jones, and other influencers were revealed

  • Tim Pool was on Joe Rogan‘s podcast today discussing bias in Twitter with it’s CEO Jack Dorsey and Twitter Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead Vijaya Gadde.
  • Pool challenged Gadde on why she was familiar with the banning of Jacob Wohl, but was unaware of Jonathon Morgan, whose group used fake Russian bots to meddle in the 2017 Alabama election.

Rogan, Pool, and Gadde also debated the appearance of liberal bias in Twitter’s suspension decisions.

Jack Dorsey revealed that Alex Jones was banned from the platform in part due to a CNN article that spoke negatively about him.

The official reasons for the banning of Milo Yiannopoulos were also revealed by Gadde.

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Andrew Meyer