Candace Owens Calls Out “Racist Scumbag” Caleb Hull After His Racial Slurs Surface

DC grifter Caleb Hull was caught calling black men "n***er" and Candace Owens called him out for being a "racist scumbag."

Caleb Hull, a very-online “conservative” praised by the Washington Examiner, has been outed as having a Twitter account full of racist tweets.

The tweets include calling black people “n***er” and asking a black man where he picks his cotton.

Candace Owens called Hull, who has been targeting black conservatives for years, a “racist scumbag.”

Hull has disappeared from Twitter since the exposure of his public history of racism.

Hull left behind a statement that included blaming the death of his grandparents as a source for his racism.

Owens was having none of it.

“If anybody needed to know that you were a racist, they did not need to dig up old comments of you saying n*gger. The despicable racist things you said about me since I uploaded my first video should have sufficed,” said Owens.

Owens also reported that Hull says the word n***er “all the time.”

“And yes, it is known that he routinely says n***er all the time— it is not a thing of the past. He is a racist today,” added Owens.

After another Washington Examiner award-winner, Kyle Kashuv, was caught calling a black man a “n***erjock,” Hull defended Kashuv, begging journalist Mike Cernovich to not even discuss the issue.

The same day Hull defended Kashuv, he called Candace Owens a “lunatic” for calling out leftist violence.

In 2018, Hull said prominent black conservative CJ Pearson “isn’t a conservative.”

In May, Hull minimized the impact of black conservative Ali Alexander‘s work with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to stop a salon owner from being jailed for opening her business.

“Alt-Right closet groupie Caleb J. Hull (who allegedly FAKED CANCER) is attacking a black man (me), in a racist tweet storm,” said Alexander, who added “I’ve done work for @GregAbbott_TX in the past. His top consultant is a buddy.”

As for Hull’s “apology,” Alexander was also having none of it.

“That statement is written by a lunatic. He was in college. He used words to trick you.” said Alexander. “He has used the N-word in DC, working for major conservative/republican organizations.”

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Andrew Meyer