CNN Admits Alex Jones Was Right About Fluoride

CNN posted an article showing that fluoride in the tap water is a health hazard - exactly what Alex Jones told the public for years.


CNN posted an article yesterday on a study showing that fluoride in the tap water is a health hazard – demonstrating that Alex Jones was correct on the issue for decades.

CNN was one of the main actors demanding the banning of Alex Jones off the highways of the internet. Now, it has reported information backing up one of the most controversial claims the InfoWars host has made.

The CNN article quotes studies from JAMA Pediatrics which states that fluoride in pregnant mothers lowers the IQ in their children, especially in males. The study was centered around beverages mothers consumed while pregnant that contained fluoride, including tap water.

Jones infamously sells water filters to take fluoride out of tap water.

Jones has stated for years that fluoride in the water was causing lower IQ in people. A video of Jones from 2008 talking about the subject can be seen here.

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Chris Gregory