Conservatives Rebuke ‘Actress’ Mindy Robinson After Her Attack On Ann Coulter

Conservatives on Twitter rebuked 'actress' Mindy Robinson following her derogatory messages to conservative legend Ann Coulter.

“You got owned by Catturd. (Farting sounds).”

This is what ‘actress’ Mindy Robinson tweeted at conservative legend Ann Coulter recently.

Robinson added later, “Ann Coulter got pwned by Catturd. I’m dying,” and crowed about her tweet being shared by the corporate media blog Washington Examiner.


Robinson’s shot at Coulter is just the latest in a continued set of bizarre activities from the former ‘actress’s’ account, as she continues getting into spats with popular independent conservatives while claiming to be conservative.

Conservatives on Twitter are getting fed up with Robinson.

“You certainly are a a fake Christian,” wrote David Patrick Henry. “If it wasn’t for your fake t**s you’d have nothing but same ol talking points. That’s why every photo you post has to include your cleavage. Promote traditional values and not sex. Simple.”

Another conservative wrote, “He’s got a point. So many sleazy women on the side of ‘family values’.”

One response to Robinson shared a clip of her “acting” work that contains a 20 second clip of her performing an act meant to look like oral sex.

Robinson recently wrote that she “gave up Lent for Lent,” and encouraged journalist Cassandra Fairbanks to deal with depression by drinking alcohol.

Known best for taking her clothes off on camera, Robinson ironically wrote of disgraced Congresswoman Katie Hill, ” I’m surprised she remembered to wear clothes.”

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Andrew Meyer