Enough is Enough: Blexit Sends a Loud Message

Blacks speak out about why choose conservatism over liberalism at Blexit.

  • Hundreds of Black conservative voices gathered in Downtown Los Angeles for Candace Owens’ Blexit event.
  • Attendees called for shrinking the Federal government and putting the power back into the hands of local governments.
  • “It’s really refreshing to see all of these young people finally get it.”

Under the leadership of Candace Owens, hundreds of Black conservatives met at the Globe Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles on January 20, 2019 to say “Enough is Enough.”

Reporter Austen Fletcher (@Fleccas on Twitter) spoke with some attendees who sent a clear message to young people about the conservative movement. They said it’s time to wake up, stop being triggered and realize the conservative movement can be appealing to young people.

One black conservative said is was harder coming out as a conservative as opposed to a gay man because he didn’t lose friends when he came out gay.

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