Fleccas Gets Serious: Documents the Wall with Bannon, Homelessness in LA

Austen Fletcher took a new direction with his popular YouTube channel Fleccas Talks, documenting the border wall with Steve Bannon.

Austen Fletcher, the creator and host of the popular YouTube channel Fleccas Talks, has become popular with a simple formula - keep it light and funny while asking real questions to the cartoonish characters creating today’s outrage mobs.

In a typical segment, Fletcher will capture some of the wackiest people seen in public, turning outrage mobs into a total joke.

Last month, Fleccas Talks took a bit of a new direction - taking a look at an important phenomenon that corporate news fails to cover.

Fletcher traveled El Paso, Texas, and spoke to the people building the privately funded wall on the border of the United States and Mexico.

“What surprised me: there was a decent wall outside of El Paso for miles and miles that came to a point, next to the Rio Grande, where it just stops,” Fletcher told Culttture. “Thousands of people a month were walking right in. It was crazy that private land owners were catching people illegally crossing every day. The guy with the tattoo said it best, ‘this is America, you shouldn’t have to live like this.'”

In a video best described as a short film, Fletcher interviewed people whose stories shed light on a national crisis. Fletcher spoke with a man who owns property on the border, an Angel Mom whose police officer son was killed by an illegal immigrant, a foreman building the privately funded wall, and former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

“The cartels need to be confronted. Bannon said they’re attacking America worse than the Taliban. Very true,” said Fletcher. “Bannon is super cool. I’ve hung with him a few times. Doing another event with them in a few weeks. Very down to earth normal nice guy.”

Asked what the most surprising thing he saw on the border was, Fletcher answered, “The Syrian nationals that were caught by them before the wall was pretty eye opening.”

Fletcher also spoke positively of Brian Kolfage, whose company We Build The Wall was hosting a week long “Wall-a-Thon” to show off the work being done to privately build the wall.

“Privatizing the wall is way more efficient, they’re doing these walls in areas that the government says are impossible to build on,” said Fletcher. “Brian Kolfage is a great guy. He started the crowdfunder. Really nice guy. Vet. Triple amputee. Great great guy.”

In a video released earlier today, Fletcher documented another underreported story in America: the homelessness epidemic.

Fletcher announced he is moving from Skid Row in Los Angeles to a more normal area, and showed how perilous the situation on Skid Row is.

In the middle of one of America’s most iconic cities, Fletcher documented what many are unaware of whatsoever: blocks full of tents on sidewalks, homeless people defecating on sidewalks, and needles strewn in the street.

Fleccas Talks’s video on the border wall received over 600,000 views. Many of his videos have well over 1 million views on YouTube alone. In contrast, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” averaged a reported 557,000 views from June 16 to July 7.

Austen Fletcher also recently passed 100,000 followers on Twitter.
With his growing popularity, new direction, and views outpacing CNN, Fleccas Talks is on pace to become one of the most watched sources of information in America.

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Andrew Meyer