Tom Arnold Pretends He Didn’t Back Out of Charity Boxing Match with Mike Cernovich

Roseanne Barr‘s ex-husband Tom Arnold has challenged journalist Mike Cernovich to a boxing match for charity on several occasions.

On Saturday, Arnold again tweeted insults at Cernovich, and then tried to pretend he hadn’t challenged Cernovich to a charity boxing match.

When Arnold tried to tried to pretend he hadn’t backed out of a boxing match for charity, Cernovich posted the receipts.

Arnold then called Cernovich and An Open Secret producer Gabe Hoffman “fucking stupid.”

Twitter users were not impressed with Arnold.

One commenter asked Arnold “how is the cocaine this morning?”

Hoffman had previously pledged $10,000 to charity for Arnold’s boxing match with Cernovich. He asked Arnold, “What have you accomplished lately?”

Back in May, when Arnold backed out of the boxing match, Cernovich tweeted, “Imagine if he had lived up to his word, got in shape, and lived clean. Instead he destroyed his own family relationships. I wish him well tho. He is wounded and needs prayers.”

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Andrew Meyer