Joe Rogan Calls CJ Pearson “Smart As Sh*t,” Guest Bryan Sharpe Gets Mad

On the newest Joe Rogan experience, Rogan Calls CJ Pearson "Smart As Sh*t," and guest 'Hotep Jesus' gets mad

On the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, online personality and self-proclaimed “Internet marketing guru” Bryan Sharpe, who goes by “Hotep Jesus” online, leveled a series of criticisms towards teen conservative activist CJ Pearson, questioning the teen’s intelligence. This comes after a lively debate that occurred between the two on the issue of reparations, in which Pearson argued against the issue.

Comedian and host Joe Rogan brought up the debate, referring to the 16 year old Pearson as “very interesting” - expressing surprise that he was only 16. He went on to describe the conservative firebrand as “smart as shit”. Sharpe took issue with Rogan’s description of Pearson, pointedly responding “no, he’s not”, and questioning what Pearson has ever “created”.

Rogan came to Pearson’s defense, asking Sharpe “you don’t think he’s got an exceptional vocabulary and ability to express himself at 16?”.

Sharpe replied, “that doesn’t mean shit”.

Sharpe - a newcomer to the online right-wing movement who has been charged with accusations of “grifting” - is no stranger to controversy, at one point tweeting that the Jewish people “want the destruction of the black community”.

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Andrew Meyer