Jack Posobiec Called a Star Trek Series Overrated and Riled Up the Internet

Jack Posobiec stirred up Star Trek fans by calling The Next Generation overrated and trash talking Captain Picard.

  • Jack Posobiec, reporter for OANN and producer of a developing comic book called Agent Poso, stirred up Star Trek fans in a series of tweets.
  • Posobiec commented that Star Trek: The Next Generation was grossly overrated.
  • The back and forth between fans brought up topics like socialism, SJWs, and an article by The Federalist titled “How Star Trek Explains the Decline of Liberalism.”

In a thunderclap to the internet, Jack Posobiec said that Star Trek: The Next Generation deluded liberals into thinking socialism could work.

“TNG deluded millions of liberals into thinking socialism could work,” tweeted Posobiec. “Change my mind.”

President Trump’s favorite meme master jumped into the epic debate with Posobiec and weighed in with his wisdom on this most controversial subject.

“If instant transportation and food replicators existed, and 99% of diseases were eradicated, energy was in nearly unlimited supply… would socialism work?” asked Carpe Donktum.

Posobiec gave credit to Star Trek Next Generation for at least being right about SJWs.

Posobiec also took a shot at legendary sci-fi character Captain Picard, calling him out for killing Benjamin Sisko’s wife.

Rating the fictional captains, Posobiec declared, “Sisko was the best captain. Kirk was a hothead, Picard was a square, and Janeway was unstable.”

Posobiec told Culttture, “Prove me wrong.”

Photographer Peter Duke was among the many commenters unhappy with Posobiec’s ratings.

Editor’s Note: Culttture agrees with Posobiec on this one.

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Yvonne Burton