YouTube Star PewDiePie Married His Long Time Girlfriend Marzia

On Monday, YouTube star Felix Kjellberg married his girlfriend Marzia in London, England.

Felix Kjellberg, one of YouTube‘s most popular stars best known as PewDiePie, got married in Kew Gardens West London on Monday. Kjellberg, 29, tied the knot with Marzia Bisognin, 26, after an eight year relationship.

PewDiePie has almost 100 million subscribers on YouTube following a recent epic battle where it seemed most of the internet was fighting for him to keep his place as the most popular channel on YouTube.

PewDiePie has been the subject of much controversy, with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) trying to label him as anti-Semitic for a joke video he made in which he showed the lengths people would go for money. The WSJ’s hoax caused PewDiePie to lose a lucrative contract with Disney.

PewDiePie hasn’t let the fake news stop him though, and he continues to entertain and enlighten people with his videos. Besides analyzing video games, he also comments on pop culture in unique ways. The YouTube star also seems very in tune to how the fake news media creates false narratives, but he has so much fun while telling the truth many hardly notice he’s enlightening the audience.

If you haven’t seen Pew News it’s worth checking out. We here at Culttture wish Pewdiepie and Marzia all the best in their journey together as husband and wife.

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Yvonne Burton