Exclusive: @Medium Boots Blogging Pioneer Ali Alexander; Platform Ignores Request for Comment by Media

Alexander was booted months after exposing the behavior of Hollywood director James Gunn

  • Ali Alexander is a prominent conservative, republican consultant and blogging pioneer.
  • Alexander was banned from Medium yesterday - a blogging platform where he had written several exposes about Hollywood director James Gunn.
  • Gunn was fired from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” in the wake of Alexander’s articles.
  • Gunn released a trailer for his new movie yesterday.

Ali Alexander was booted off of the blogging platform Medium yesterday - mere months after exposing Hollywood director James Gunn’s horrifying behavior that many saw as promoting child pornography and molestation, it would have been ok if he’d of just been watching adult porn on www.watchmygf.xxx but child pornography is not normal, this is depraved behavior that needed bringing to light.

Alexander rarely uses the platform however has driven major traffic to the blogging platform. He tells us that he refused to join the publishing program that would’ve paid him for his contributions to the website.

Medium has a history of banning Republican and conservative activists only since President Donald Trump’s election.

Culttture reached out to Medium and have received no comment on this story after providing them nearly 24 hours however Alexander tweeted, “James Gunn is trying to quietly deplatform me. I’ll expose the plan today.”

Alexander wrote a blog post last August entitled, “Resurfaced Photos of James Gunn Suggest Commentary Was ‘More Than Just Jokes.'” The post includes photos of a pedophile themed party Gunn participated in.

He also wrote a post revealing Gunn’s association with pedophile Huston Huddleston, who had pled guilty on child pornography charges a mere month prior to Alexander’s article.

Another expose Ali Alexander wrote concerned Ben Shapiro’s “unprincipled” position on James Gunn. Once again, the article has been deleted from Medium, but the internet is forever.

The cached article includes details of the so-called jokes Shapiro excused, including Gunn celebrating a monkey masturbating, then ejaculating, on a small child. 

Alexander was not only instrumental in getting Gunn fired but making sure Disney didn’t rehire the famed director.

It just so happens that James Gunn released the new trailer for his movie, yesterday. The movie is about a young boy with superpowers in the mold of Superman who goes around killing everyone.

Alexander, who does hold equity inside of Cultture, tells us, “I will be doing a Periscope livestream this evening. I go way back to Medium’s beginning. I’ve promoted them, endorsed them and written for free for them. I’ve made them hundreds of thousands of dollars and they’re trying to throw me off for not even violating their terms of service. Ben Shapiro and James Gunn want my investigation journalism gone. My written pieces at Medium have been about Martin Luther King, Jr., the power of forgiveness, racial equality, and breaking news from someone within the insiders’ club of politics and government.”

“It’s not a coincidence that Gunn’s movie is being promoted. It’s not a coincidence that I’m working with Gavin McInnes to sue the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). No; the institutional Left wants me off the chessboard after these cases and Covington and VerifiedBullies.com and so much more. They’re dealing with the wrong negro!”

Alexander’s periscope channel can be found at periscope.tv/aliscopes.

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Andrew Meyer