Mike Cernovich Reveals Media Bias Against Laura Loomer’s Campaign

Cernovich discussed journalist Laura Loomer's campaign for Congress on Twitter today, revealing corporate media bias in the process.

Filmmaker Mike Cernovich discussed infamous journalist Laura Loomer‘s campaign for Congress on Twitter today, revealing corporate media bias against her in the process.

Cernovich tweeted, “If Laura Loomer had raised $0, media would be all over it. Because she OUT RAISED more than all of her competitors combined, the verified media bros are quiet.”

Loomer successfully raised $154,000 over the first two months of her campaign, outraising her Democrat rival Rep. Lois Frankel by $50,000 despite being banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, PayPal and Venmo.

Loomer is running for Congress in Florida’s House District 21 seat. The next closest Republican challenger raised a mere $20,937.

Corporate media has been consistently vocal and critical of Loomer’s journalism and her campaign for Congress, but noticeably silent during Loomer’s successful fundraising efforts, as noted by Cernovich.

“Real journalists report on newsworthy events regardless of whether you ‘like’ someone,” wrote Cernovich. “It’s objectively of interest that Laura Loomer out raised all of her competitors combined. Where are the stories about this?”

Cernovich has previously asked if Loomer is “the most censored woman in U.S. history” and praised her campaign manager Karen Giorno as “the real deal.”

Cernovich also was among the first to note the legitimacy of Loomer’s lawsuit against Big Tech giants including Google, and raised the prospect of her appearance on Joe Rogan‘s podcast.

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Andrew Meyer