Journalist Nick Monroe Locked Out Of Twitter For Using Colorful Language

Big tech censorship seems to be getting worse as yet another voice is silenced.

  • Social media censorship claimed another victim today when independent journalist Nick Monroe was locked out of his Twitter account this morning.
  • Monroe will only be suspended for 7 days if he agrees to deleting the tweet and possibly banned permanently if he does not.

Nick Monroe is an independent journalist who relies heavily on Twitter to to promote his journalism. Monroe is known for reporting facts on breaking news stories often scooping the mainstream media. His reporting on New Zealand was just one example of him scouring the shooter’s social media accounts and even getting a copy of the shooter’s manifesto up before most of the media was reporting on it.

Just a summary search for Monroe’s work on New Zealand turns up some interesting information and demonstrates why his news reporting is in high demand.

Twitter claims they locked his account today for “violating our rules against abusive behavior”. Read the following and judge for yourself.

Culttture’s own Ali Alexander did a periscope explaining what happened, noting the fact that while Monroe was locked out of his account, Twitter simultaneously allows hardcore porn that should be only shown on websites like to be spread on the site.

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Yvonne Burton