President Trump Applauds James O’Keefe At White House Summit

At today's Social Media Summit at the White House, President Trump applauded the work of Project Veritas and James O'Keefe


“We didn’t know how far it gets until we…had certain of our friends and geniuses that broke into board rooms,” said President Trump at today’s Social Media Summit. “Got them right in the middle of a meeting. That was incredible, what a service you do, okay? You don’t get credit for it, you should get credit for it.”

Trump was applauding Project Veritas and its founder James O’Keefe for the investigative journalism they have done uncovering political bias at corporations like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

O’Keefe tweeted in response to President Trump, “If legendary muckrakers like Lincoln Steffens and Ida Tarbell can work alongside Teddy Roosevelt to expose and reform Big Oil — Project Veritas can work with the Trump administration to pull back the curtain around Big Tech.”

O’Keefe was photographed at the summit with TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk, Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, and Culttture’s Ali Alexander.

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Andrew Meyer