Scott Adams Inspires Boycott Against Portland After City Allows Left-Wing Terrorism

After Portland's mayor and police failed to stop domestic terrorism, Scott Adams has inspired a boycott on the city.

Over the weekend, the left-wing hate group Antifa was caught on camera committing violent acts of terror on the streets of Portland, Oregon.

An elderly man was beaten bloody with a crowbar and journalist Andy Ngo was severely beaten and admitted to the hospital with a brain bleed.

While Ngo was assaulted with concrete “milkshakes,” Portland police mischaracterized assaulting people with objects as mere “harassment.”

Author Scott Adams declared today that he would “never visit Portland as long as it remains legal for domestic terrorists to roam the streets in masked gangs, looking for victims.”

Adams has inspired an instant boycott of Portland.

Senator Ted Cruz has called for investigations into the Mayor of Portland for ordering his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists.

Unbelievably, the attorney general of Minnesota, Keith Ellison, has posted a picture of himself with the ‘Antifa Handbook.’ A federal investigation may reveal support for the terrorist group Antifa reaches deep into the Democratic Party.

Members of the media, including CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, and Don Lemon have all covered for and/or praised Antifa.

Below are the mug shots of a few Antifa members that actually were arrested. With mentally ill domestic terrorists are on the loose, Scott Adams has a point - it’s time to boycott Portland.

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Andrew Meyer