Stefan Molyneux Asks Joe Rogan to Invite Mike Cernovich on His Podcast

After Cernovich's legal win leading to Jeffrey Epstein's arrest, Molyneux asked Rogan to host the most impactful journalist in the nation.

In the wake of Mike Cernovich‘s legal victory leading to the arrest of child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, popular philosopher Stefan Molyneux has asked Joe Rogan to invite Cernovich on his podcast.

While many “journalists” are refusing to mention Cernovich in connection with the Epstein arrest, Cernovich filed the first lawsuit to retrieve the records in a case against Epstein that reveals many of his crimes and connections. With many establishment media sources banding together to deny Cernovich credit, Molyneux gathered the support of thousands of people on Twitter asking for Rogan to interview Cernovich.

Molyneux’s request might already be working. Rogan apparently watched Cernovich’s latest Periscope discussing the Epstein case.

After breaking stories like the Epstein scandal, the Susan Rice unmasking story, and forcing John Conyers to resign from Congress while revealing the secret Congressional slush fund to cover up sexual abuse, it’s no wonder thousands of people want to see Cernovich on Rogan’s show.

The media has refused to cover Cernovich’s documentary films Hoaxed and Blood Money, which expose media malfeasance in a major way.

With so much new information to add to the national discussion, a Cernovich appearance on Joe Rogan might be one of Rogan’s top viewed shows.

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Yvonne Burton