Scott Adams Debunks Charlottesville Hoax, Cursed Out by Pro-Antifa Pastor

A pro-Antifa pastor told Scott Adams, "fuck you Scott. In Jesus name," for debunking a media hoax about Charlottesville.

Scott Adams has definitively debunked the media hoax that President Trump called white supremacists at Charlottesville “very fine people” in 2017.

Yesterday, Adams shared the good news that the President of the United States doesn’t support racists on Twitter.

One pastor was not happy.

“I’ve never said ‘fuck you’ #onhere or IRL (and meant it) because pastor stuff and posture and so on, but I did today and it turned out it was to the creator of Dilbert,” said Seth Wispelwey, a reverend ordained at United Church. “Who it turns out is a #Charlottesville Conspiracy Theorist. So yeah, fuck you Scott. In Jesus name.”

Wispelwey then asked for money “friends who are traumatized by Nazi’s,” and tweeted that “Jesus is Antifa”.

Culttture‘s Andrew Meyer asked if Wispelwey was using Jesus’s name in a legitimate fashion by tweeting, “fuck you Scott. In Jesus name.”

The answer was a resounding no.

Hoaxed co-director Jon du Toit told Culttture, “You can rebuke people in Jesus’ name, but not with profanity. It’s unnecessary and cheapens His Name. Also, rebuking unbelievers like Scott is not something Christ would do. He reserved his rebukes for religious leaders who should know better. Like this pastor.”

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Chris Gregory