Stefan Molyneux Pleads with President Trump for Asylum for Tommy Robinson

Robinson was sentenced to nine months in a UK prison after reporting on extremist Muslim rape gangs.

Tommy Robinson was sentenced to nine months in prison earlier this week. His crime? Reporting on a high profile criminal case against radical Muslims rape gangs in the UK last year.

After being handed the harsh sentence - which has never been handed down for this type of crime, the previous penalty had been mere fines -Robinson went online to ask President Trump for asylum for himself and his family. He claimed being incarcerated with the extremist Muslim gangs he was reporting on would be a death sentence.

The White House has not issued a response to Robinson, and philosopher Stefan Molyneux stepped in to plead President Trump to grant Robinson’s petition for asylum.

“I have never tweeted at you before,” Molyneux said to President Trump on Twitter. “Please please hear Tommy Robinson’s plea.”

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Chris Gregory