After Second Successful Baltimore Clean Up, Scott Presler to Clean LA Saturday

Conservative activist Scott Presler will help clean Los Angeles after returning to Baltimore, organizing pickup of 7 tons of trash in 10 hours.

On August 5th, conservative activist and avid Trump supporter Scott
Presler organized volunteers that cleaned up 12 tons of trash in Baltimore. Presler promised he would come back to Baltimore to help clean up the city.

On September 9th, Presler fulfilled his promise, returning with 130 volunteers that picked up another seven tons of trash in Baltimore.

Presler isn’t stopping with Baltimore. On September 21st, Presler will bring volunteers to Los Angeles to clean the city. Los Angeles’s chronic issues with trash are partially responsible for the return of centuries-old diseases to the city.

Last month, President Trump tweeted that Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore should address the problems of his city, calling it “a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

The corporate media melted down, and called the president racist, while others pointed out liberal politicians had made nearly identical statements.

The Baltimore Sun mocked Scott Presler’s cleanup efforts, and even insinuated that what Scott was doing was a stunt and that he wouldn’t be back.

Many called out The Baltimore Sun for their unfounded criticism.

Presler has promised that on Saturday, October 5th, he will again return to Baltimore and help clean up.

We here on the Culttture team agree with Scott Presler’s statement that “Kindness never goes out of style.”

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Yvonne Burton