Alexander J.A Cortes: High Energy and Aura Gives You An Edge Over Most People [Video]

In an age of timid auras and low energy, Alexander J.A Cortes describes how to stand out from the crowd.

  • In a recent periscope, Alexander J.A Cortes explained the contrast between low-energy and high-energy individuals, pointing out that many young people are caught up in sluggishness and negativity.
  • Cortes makes the argument to young adults that fostering high energy and an aura of confidence will make you stand out amongst a growing crowd of unhealthy, unmotivated and low-energy people.

“High energy is not an esoteric quality,” said Alexander J.A. Cortes on a livestream earlier today. “When your body is in a healthy state, you have a high energy body which is capable of functioning at complete capacity.”

“The energy that you project is an extension of your life’s experiences. The more experiences you have, the more you grow, the more you become, the stronger your projection.”

Cortes also mentioned that to be in the top percent of human beings, all one must do is “be physically/mentally healthy, dress well, be financially sustainable, and have some measure of skill/confidence…the bar is truly on the floor.”

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Clint Whitney