Week in Review with Elly Maye — Episode 7

It’s been a wild week in the culture wars. Elly Maye looks back on everything that went down.

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Elly Maye breaks down another wild week in the culture wars…

Culttture’s Elly Maye shares the week’s most interesting stories

Some of the highlights:

A lot happened last week, with President Trump announcing that he will be signing an Executive Order for colleges to support free speech. Conservative journalist Laura Loomer was banned from CPAC. The Captain Marvel movie created a stir around International Women’s Day.

Ali Alexander discussed losing his Medium account at the same time that director James Gunn’s (who has a disturbing history celebrating child pornography and child molestation) latest movie was released.

Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopolous was banned from entering Australia.

Watch the full video above to get the rundown.

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