‘Another Day in Trump’s America’ Ad Shows Media’s Perception of ‘MAGA’ Versus Supporters of the Slogan

This ad by memer Paul Martinez offers dueling views on MAGA — a must see!

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A memer going under the name Paul Martinez has released a video ad that promises to go viral. The ad is titled, “Another Day in Trump’s America” and offers dueling narratives; the perspective of a spectator turned activist and fueled by the media’s partisan agenda versus the truth of the situation.

The video offers as much analysis on President Donald Trump’s famed slogan as it does mainstream media’s role in dividing the American public with partial or inaccurate information — or “fake news.”

Culttture sat down for an exclusive with the digital meme maker who directed this very real life ad.

Why did you do the video and what served as your source of inspiration?

I made this video to show people that the world we are living in, the real world, is a much better place than the online world we get so caught up in every day.

The one thing I have heard a lot of people ask is, “what do you mean Make America Great… AGAIN?” And to be honest, I had to take some time to really consider an answer to that question because you have to define it.

What does “make America great again” or “MAGA” mean to you?

What do those words mean to me? I own the hat, I’ve typed out MAGA more times than I can remember, but I had to put into words something that was just a feeling I had in my heart.

To me, it means to Make America a better place than it was the day before. It means to love your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your country. Don’t do a kind act because you want to post it on social media, and don’t worry about what political beliefs someone has in order for you to help them. Do it because it is making the world that we all live in a better place. We all need to realize that media, whether it be social media or the news media they are not our friend. There is big business in dividing us up, putting us in little groups by age, race, sex, religion, and politics. There is an appalling amount of money made in engagement, not just clicks, but likes, reactions, comments, retweets, etc.

What role do you think corporate Media play in uniting or dividing people?

Their goal is to incite us to fight each other because articles of baby ducks aren’t what is going to generate 10,000 comments. We — and I include myself in that — need to put the phone down, turn the TV off, and spend time with our neighbors.

I think we will find the world is a much friendlier place than we are lead to believe.

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Ali Alexander

Ali Alexander is the Editorial Consultant for Culttture.