The Candace Owens Show Debuts on PragerU With Special Guest Roseanne Barr

The two discussed everything from the 2016 election to #MeToo

Candace Owens debuted her first episode of The Candace Owens Show on PragerU this week - and her first guest was Roseanne Barr.

Owens and Barr discussed everything from the 2016 election and the aftermath of Roseanne’s sitcom being cancelled to #MeToo and the current state of journalism.

“I think that the journalists, I call them like ‘journal sadists’…like they enjoy bringing pain to people and inflicting pain and it makes them feel really good about themselves and powerful about themselves and we are in this weird era where we don’t have journalists anymore we have few and far between I have maybe seen one or two,” said Owens.

“Well we have people’s journalists now,” said Roseanne Barr. “We have people who are doing the stories…people who are doing the research and then doing the stories.”

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Yvonne Burton