President Trump’s Huge Announcement at CPAC Promises the Return of Free Speech to College Campuses

President Trump announced he will defund colleges that do not support free speech

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At CPAC on Saturday, President Trump announced he will sign an executive order “requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars. “

The announcement received a standing ovation from the CPAC audience and was widely heralded online by free speech supporters.

President Trump also brought on stage with him the TPUSA student organizer, Hayden Williams, who was brutally attacked recently on the UC Berkeley campus, and praised his toughness.

The recently arrested man who attacked Williams, Zachary Greenberg, is a former Berkeley employee.

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Daniel Bostic


One Comment

  1. Excerpt to my full comment: I am not for “true” hate speech.
    But that’s the problem. Just giving an opposing opinion or maybe framing the narrative in a slightly different way is nowadays labeled hate speech.
    A difference of opinion is NOT hate speech.
    Wanting to wear clothing that supports the company/organization or person who upholds a common value with you is NOT an act of hate.
    I really don’t know when this PC culture came on strong for the first time in trying to not hurt anyone’s feelings by voicing a personal view of the world in general? I can tell you tho, that we rallied it into being, this blade of contention. We forged it with bowing blows of acquiesce, and we emblazoned it with strength holding it up
    to the fiery breath of verbal assaults from ones who would shout us down and refuse to listen.
    This is how the fake sword of hate speech was brought into being.
    It’s up to us to either break it in two- or keep allowing ourselves to fall on it.