Viral YouTube Sensation Copper Cab Challenges Gavin McInnes to a Fight

Copper Cab goes after Gavin McInnes' and gets his fight challenge accepted.

Copper Cab, Ali Alexander, and Gavin McInnes fighting over
  • Gavin McInnes was in Montgomery, Alabama this past Monday to file his lawsuit against the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center.
  • Copper Cab, a viral YouTube star, has been trolling McInnes for weeks begging him for a fight.
  • Cab appeared to be trolling the website setup by his lawyers,, for crowdfunding part of the historic lawsuit.
  • McInnes says, “I’m coming for you Cooper Cab.”

We’re going to have a fight after all. Gavin McInnes has accepted Copper Cab’s invitation to a fight. The two sensenalitsts traded barbs via videos on Twitter, though that was difficult for McInnes who has been banned by the microblogging social media platform.

McInnes was aided by his advocate, Ali Alexander, who also serves Culttture’s editorial consultant, who posted his own video in response to Cab’s original hysterical video.

Alexander then posted McInnes’ video via the @DefendGavin Twitter account which is being maintained by Alexander’s private agency and keeping track of updates of this evolving case.

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Daniel Bostic