EXCLUSIVE: RC Maxwell Shares the Story Behind His Encounters with Maxine Waters and Ilhan Omar

RC Maxwell's photos are making their way across the internet after he spoke to Ilhan Omar, Maxine Waters, and Al Green in Congress today.


R.C. Maxwell, a brand ambassador for Turning Point USA, was in the halls of Congress earlier today and his photos are being shared across the internet after he ran into several notable members of Congress.

“Interesting conversation with @RepMaxineWaters about her terrible record on the Hill,” Maxwell tweeted. “She told me I supported racism.”

Maxwell told Culttture how he came to talk with Waters.

“I took a picture with her. Then told her about how she came to my high school (Inglewood High School) back in ’06 and she shook my hand,” said Maxwell. “Then I told her that I voted for Trump as I walked away.”

Waters left, then came back with her staff. She wanted talk with Maxwell about President Trump.

“I told her that I lived in the district for years and witnessed the district fall. She then claimed that I haven’t fought for Inglewood like she has,” said Maxwell. “Then she asked why I would want to take a picture with her.”

Maxwell replied to Waters, “You’re one of the most, longest tenured, recognizably corrupt congresswoman in our nation’s history, why wouldn’t I want to take a picture with you!?”

Maxwell also ran into Ilhan Omar, who made headlines recently after President Trump discussed the news that she married her brother.

Omar has spoken fondly of the terrorist group al-Qaeda, and Maxwell asked Omar if she would condemn the recent Antifa terrorist attack on an ICE facility.

Omar declined.

“Her staff was rude of course,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell also ran into Al Green, the congressman who has repeatedly pushed for the impeachment of President Trump.

“Al Green wouldn’t talk to me,” said Maxwell. “He saw me talking to the media. So when I was politely waiting for him, he was like ‘you’re wasting your time I’m not saying a word to you.'”

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Andrew Meyer