Gavin McInnes Roasts Jaleel ‘Urkel’ White for Horrifying South Africa ‘Joke’

On a recent episode of Netflix's "Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross," White mocked the murder of white farmers in South Africa.

Vice cofounder Gavin McInnes called out the “humor” on the recent Netflix show “Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross.”

In one episode, actor Jaleel White plays Nelson Mandela and jokes about the ongoing ethnic cleansing of white farmers in South Africa. Recent horror stories out of South Africa include murderers forcing white farmers to watch as their wives and children are raped and murdered.

White, best known for playing Urkel on the 90s sitcom Family Matters, makes the horrifying “joke” as Mandela, “If you want to make an omelette, you’ve got to kill some white farmers.”

As “Miles McInnes,” Gavin acts as a social justice warrior that loves this “joke” about the murder of white farmers in South Africa.

Here is the full segment from McInnes’s video series, “No Hate with Miles McInnes.”

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Andrew Meyer