Exclusive: Jacob Wohl Permanently Banned From Twitter [VIDEO]

Jacob Wohl responds to his permanent Twitter suspension.

  • Political activist Jacob Wohl was permanently banned from Twitter today, hours after a disparaging USA Today article was published claiming to expose fraudulent activity by Wohl on social media.
  •  Wohl stated his ban is an attempt to silence him after his highly publicized intelligence operations into Ilhan Omar, Robert Mueller, and various other political figures.
  • Twitter has not offered an official statement on Wohl’s ban.

Wohl claims this ban will have no effect on his vigor or general activism, and reiterated this claim in an exclusive interview to Culttture. Wohl asserted he will prove on Thursday “..beyond a reasonable doubt that Ilhan Omar married her brother in an immigration and student-loan fraud scheme to come to the United States.”

Though it has not offered an official statement, Twitter informed Jacob Wohl his ban is a result of opening fake accounts to influence the American political spectrum, which Wohl states he has not yet done but plans to in order to influence upcoming primaries for Democratic presidential candidates.

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Carter West


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