Judge Orders Roger Stone Not to Use Social Media For Any Reason

Roger Stone has been ordered to stop using social media for any reason - even to raise money for his own legal defense.


Roger Stone has been ordered to not use social media while the case against him brought by former-special counsel Robert Mueller goes forward.

Judge Jackson, an Obama appointee, has ordered Stone this morning to cease using social media on any topic whatsoever under penalty of contempt of court.

Stone was previously ordered by Judge Jackson to stop discussing the investigation and case against him on social media.

Judge Jackson even spent time in court reading out loud from Stone’s posts calling Democrat and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, “full of schiff.”

Legal and political analysts are calling the actions of the judge the undoing of due process, and a threat to a civil society.

Many are calling for the removal of Judge Jackson from the case on these grounds.

Stone has been using social media to help raise funds for his legal defense, including selling shirts that say “Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong.”

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Andrew Meyer